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Cocktail Hour Games:

These games are quieter games for groups of kids to be played around tables.  They can involve many kids at a time without being too rambunctious.  

  • Trivia: all kinds
  • Jeopardy: Simpson's Edition
  • Guessatures: like Charades and can also be a big involved game to be played during the main party
  • Bulls eye: a game of eye hand coordination
  • Bop-it: sound reflex coordination
  • Jenga: balance a tower and truth or dare at the same time
  • Balance Boards:  by special request only, we have two balance boards kids can test their physical balancing skills on.  Great fun and very addictive!

Reception Games:

ImageThese are bigger games that will involve all the kids at once.

  • Mitzvah child's favorites: a trivia game specially designed for the child.
  • Coke and Pepsi: Kids grab partners.  The partners line up on opposing sides of the dance floor, one side being the Coke side, one side, the Pepsi side.  The caller will call either "Coke" or "Pepsi" or numerous other soft drinks or words.  The kids all run (or freeze, or switch places, or whatever) accordingly.  The last partners to get to the designated spot are "out".
  • Dance contest:  kids make 3-5 strait lines, each line becoming a team.  The leader of each line makes up a dance step that everyone in the line has to follow.  After a minute or so the leader goes to the back of the line and there is a new leader.  Which ever team that dances together the best as a team wins.
  • Hula-hoop contest:  fun with hula hoops
  • Limbo: How low can you go?
  • Jump rope contest: How long can you jump?
  • Hot Potato:  using a hula-hoop everyone holds hands in a circle and has to pass the hula-hoop around their bodies without letting go.  When the music stops the person with the hula-hoop around their body is out.
  • Guessatures:  a Charades game with a timer.  Two teams, each team picks an actor.  The actors mime four different words within a minute’s time.  Each word is a point.  When everyone has had a chance to be the "actor", the team with the most points wins.
  • Human bridge:  Game of physical skill.  Everyone sits on a chair in a tight circle, all-facing clockwise.  Everyone slowly lies down on the knees of the person behind him or her.  One by one we take away the chairs until we have no chairs left.
  • Musical chairs: All dance around the chairs, but we take away one at a time.  When the music stops, all must find a seat.  The last one with a seat wins.
  • Survivor:  A scavenger hunt played with chairs.  Everyone gets a chair at first.  The caller tells them to go off and find something and takes a few chairs at the same time.  The kids have to get the item and find a seat.  Who ever is the last one with a seat wins.

We also have simpler games we can play if there are a lot of younger children in the crowd, such as

  • "Freeze Dance"
  • "Huggy Bear"
  • "Simon says"
  • "Red light, green light"

Party Favors: Includes an assortment of different blinking and glow items, hats, sunglasses, sequenced masks, necklaces, Hawaiian leis & wristbands, bandannas, inflatable feet and / or instruments and more.

Game Prizes: Assorted key chains (for example: mini deck of playing cards or baseball & bat attached), plus any of the above items that we set aside as prizes.

We can provide party favors and game prizes for an additional fee. You can get your own favors and prizes which our kid’s MC and / or dancer (s) can distribute. Not all parties have favors given out; however, when games are to be played it’s nice to have a little something for the winners.



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